Field Marshal Jakthion Korvosa

DECEASED; Founder of Korvosa


The sixth son of a wealthy but minor noble family, Jakthion Peltherianon (4339–4410)—later Jakthion Korvosa entered the service of the Imperial Army at the age of 13. His sharp mind and excellent skill with a sword allowed the lad to quickly rise through the ranks, taking command of his own company three weeks before his twentieth birthday. Despite his successes, he remained on the outs with his family, who considered military service beneath them. After he returned home to watch his mother die of a wasting disease, Jakthion’s family disowned him and he in turn adopted the given name of his first commander (Korvosa Regus) as his family name. His mother’s death changed him for the worse, though, and he became known for his alcohol-fueled tirades and abuses. One particularly gruesome display led then-General Korvosa into early retirement, from which he emerged 12 years later after finally giving up the drink. Rising to new levels of success after returning to service, Korvosa shortly thereafter became a Field Marshal and was charged with founding a colony in an untamed region known as Zingara.

Despite his death only a few years after its inception, the entire town of Korvosa acts as a memorial for its founder and first lord magistrate. Three statues of the Field Marshal stand within Korvosa, two streets bear his rank (Field Marshal Way and Field Marshal Avenue), and establishments all over the city use his name, rank, or likeness in their own names or in the wares they sell.


Field Marshal Jakthion Korvosa

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