Waydon Endrin

DECEASED; Beloved Hero


The ranking marine within Fort Korvosa upon the Field Marshal’s siege-breaking arrival was an easy-going middle-aged sergeant-at-arms named Waydon Endrin (4363–4429). Endrin became Fort Korvosa’s first commanding officer when Field Marshal Korvosa commissioned him the day after the siege broke. His tireless work ethic and exceptional discipline helped ease inter-branch tensions between his marines and Korvosa’s army regulars. Under his guidance, the fort’s marines became the elite Sable Company and Korvosa’s regulars formed the Korvosan Guard. Universally loved by both the marines who served under him and the pioneers who trusted him for their safety, Endrin remains one of the most popular figures of Korvosan history.

Including the island and military academy that bear his name, memorials to the popular sergeant-come-commander are scattered throughout the town. A statue of the fort commander stands in New Dock, members of the Sable Company and Korvosan Guard still occasionally name their sons Waydon, and a popular nursery rhyme sung to children all across Korvosa speaks to his bravery.


Waydon Endrin

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