Korvosa Timeline


This timeline touches on some of the most important events in Korvosan history.

2500–4406: Sklar-Quah tribe of Shoanti inhabit the floodplains along the Jeggare River, where they defend the pyramid known to them as Mashka-saht-puyuhoke.
4404: Halleck IV, Emperor of Cheliax, charges Field Marshal Korvosa with the founding of a colony in the untamed (and unexploited) frontier region known as Zingara. Korvosa’s long-time rival in the King’s Navy, Admiral Mercatio Kiameleu, petitions for and receives a similar charter.
4405: The two rivals clash over funding. The field marshal moves his army into the northern border region of the empire and begins assembling civilian volunteers.
4406: Field Marshal Korvosa leads his army through Bloodsworn Vale into Zingara. Strong Shoanti resistance slows the campaign, forcing the Chelaxians to bivouac throughout winter at the foot of the Mindspin Mountains.
4407: Field Marshal Korvosa breaks the siege on Endrin Isle. Waydon Endrin becomes commander of garrison. Kiameleu establishes a settlement on a wide indefensible beach at the mouth of Conqueror’s Bay.
4408: Alika Epakena born. Admiral Kiameleu returns to Cheliax and attempts to have Palin court-martialled, but Korvosa and Endrin intervene on her behalf. Emperor Halleck IV demotes Kiameleu and gives his command to his first mate, Veldraine.
4409: First fully laden galleon returns to Cheliax loaded with Zingaran goods. Waydon Endrin forms Sable Company with surviving marines to launch strikes against massed Shoanti.
4410: Field Marshal Korvosa dies. Montlarion Jeggare named second lord magistrate. Settlement of Kiameleu attacked and razed by Shoanti with no survivors. Captain Veldraine chastises Kiameleu for its poor placement, then founds village of Veldraine at a natural harbor nearby.
4413–4429: Sable Company harries Shoanti on mainland.
4415: Waydon Endrin retires. Keyra Palin named fort commander.
4416: Battle of Veldraine establishes the village as a subjugated holding of Korvosa.
4417: Montlarion Jeggare dies. Waydon Endrin named third lord magistrate.
4419: Keyra Palin destroys Shoanti boats launched at mouth of Falcon’s River. Temporary defenses are built to guard the harbor. Called Palin’s Cove.
4420: Veldraine and Fort Korvosa begin regular supply convoys to Palin’s Cove.
4421: Keyra Palin gives birth to twins, Lucian and Brieanna Endrin.
4423: Delegates from Janderhoff arrive in Korvosa for first time.
4429: The Great Fire. Lord magistrate Endrin, Alika Epakena, Keyra Palin, and nearly a quarter of the town’s population perish, including nearly the entire garrison.
4432: Work begins on stone keep on site of former Fort Korvosa.
4435: First Battle of Mainshore retains tentative foothold on mainland coast.
4438: Stone keep completed. First appearance of marsh giants near Palin’s Cove.
4439: Second Battle of Mainshore. Foothold on mainland coast lost to Shoanti raiders.
4442: First wall built on mainland. Third Battle of Mainshore results in sound loss for Shoanti, who withdraw en masse to the Grand Mastaba.
4442–4446: Shoanti launch raids against the mainland buildings from their pyramid stronghold.
4445: First bridge built connecting Endrin Isle to mainland.
4446–4449: Siege of the Grand Mastaba.
4452: Laccius Brawm becomes Korvosa’s first serial killer with three murders.
4456: Emperor Fane II of Cheliax grants the Endrin family noble standing, creating House Endrin.
4457: Laccius Brawm caught and admits to eight victims. He is publicly tortured and executed.
4458: House Arkona sends Reprieve to nation of Vudra.
4461: Reprieve returns laden with exotic wares and spices.
4462: Shoanti resume organized attacks on Chelish holdings.
4464: Main walls of Castle Korvosa completed.
4472: Treaty of Crystalrock signed between Janderhoff and Korvosa.
4473: Lord Volshyenek Ornelos founds the Acadamae.
4485: Naval garrison known as Palin’s Cove becomes official settlement.
4488: Shoanti driven from Citadel Hill. Lady Jessa Leroung founds the University of Korvosa.
4489: Lord Magistrate Remsev Ornelos moves Korvosa seat of power onto mainland. Mainland docks burned in protest.
4491–4503: Influx of Chelish immigrants. In-fighting among new and established noble houses.
4502–4503: Cousins’ War. First appearance of Blackjack.
4504: “Fort” dropped from town name.
4505: Great Storm of ’05 levels three buildings, sinks a dozen ships and boats, and knocks down five docks.
4507: Korvosa celebrates its centennial.
4511: Exploration of areas beyond coast begin in earnest.
4514: Lady-Magistrate Dess Leroung imports otyughs from Cheliax. Installation of first otyugh plug in Old Korvosa.
4516: Schwed Harse follows Sarwin River to its source and names it after his daughter.
4532: Korvosan merchants establish trade relations with dwarves of Janderhoff. Shipments of black marble begin.
4536: Sarwin Harse founds village of Harse.
4537: First otyugh rampage in Old Korvosa. Three otyughs and nine humans killed.
4541: Major wind storm knocks trees into the city’s buildings. Ordinance to remove all trees in city approved.
4563: Jayden Baslwief founds village of Baslwief. Korvosa’s last public torture (of a serial rapist whose name was later expunged from the record). Public executions continue.
4569: Jorsh Melfesh founds village of Melfesh. Red dragon Glarataxus terrorizes Baslwief for several months before suddenly disappearing.
4571: Glarataxus returns to torment Palin’s Cove for almost half a year before leaving.
4574: Jhenni Biston clears out tunnels and founds village of Biston. Troglodytes native to the tunnels appear in Melfesh several months later and cause havoc until a band of adventurers eradicates them.
4592: Jeggare River floods and causes damage among lowland buildings. No reported injuries or deaths.
4606: Aroden dies. Lord Arbust’s rule begins.
4607: Bicentennial celebrations in Korvosa cancelled. Several powerful devils appear in city and kill Lord Volshyenek Ornelos.
4608: Thousands leave Korvosa for Magnimar.
4611: Major earthquake causes widespread damage, hundreds of injuries, and dozens of deaths in Janderhoff. Engineers and clerics from Korvosa and its holdings flock to the dwarven stronghold to render aid.
4617: Village of Sirathu claimed by Korvosa.
4620: Largest-ever otyugh rampage. More than a dozen otyughs escape Old Korvosa’s Vaults and kill 23 residents before Korvosan Guard can kill them.
4624: Arbust Arabasti dies. Lord Eodred’s rule begins.
4644: Lord Eodred crowned King Eodred of Korvosa. Blood Summer, as reefclaw population explodes and eight of the city’s residents fall victim to the pests.
4657: Death of King Eodred. King Cardraith’s reign begins.
4658: Village of Biston attempts to break free of Korvosan rule. Separatists killed. Martial law established.
4661: Death of King Cardraith. King Chadris’s reign begins. The return of the red dragon Glarataxus to Palin’s Cove and Baslwief. King Chadris hires adventurers to end the threat. All groups fail in their task.
4663: Ill-advised siege of Kaer Maga results in 117 Korvosan Guard deaths. King Chadris blamed.
4667: Death of King Chadris. Queen Domina’s reign begins. Queen reverses anti-tree ordinance and orders fast-growing trees planted.
4668: Dissatisfied citizens found Abken commune.
4674: Glarataxus makes most recent appearance, attacking Palin’s Cove, Veldraine, and Korvosa over a period of three weeks before again disappearing over Conqueror’s Bay.
4680: Moderate earthquake cracks walls and buildings, but causes only a few injuries and no deaths.
4686: Death of Queen Domina. King Eodred II’s reign begins.
4690: Martial law in Biston lifted. Key-Lock Killer, the city’s newest serial killer, murders first three victims.
4697: Key-Lock Killer’s most productive year: nine victims attributed to him.
4707: Korvosa celebrates 300 years.
4708: Current year.


Korvosa Timeline

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