Chapter 3 - People


For the most part, Korvosans are a friendly and helpful lot. And meticulous. They follow the rules, walk the line, and fill out the forms exactly as instructed. Even their most powerful criminals obey certain regulations laid out for them, going so far as to pay taxes on some of their ill-gotten goods! This citywide desire to regulate and obey probably comes from Korvosa’s deep military history and long militaristic traditions. If you have no love of the military it’s best to keep your mouth shut here.
—Mercer Cucuteni, Magistrate of Tourism

Buildings, infrastructure, and politics make a city livable (or intolerable, in the case of politics), but the people who live in a place truly make it a city.


Military Organizations

Prominent Families

Races in Korvosa


The Underground


Chapter 3 - People

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