Military Organizations

Three military group police and protect Korvosa. Each one focuses its efforts in different areas and interacts with the city’s leader in its own unique way.

Korvosan Guard: The Korvosan Guard serves the city of Korvosa first, the city’s leader second, and the church of Abadar third. It works closely with the monarch and high priest of Abadar to maintain order in the city, acting most often as a police force, but turning into a military operation whenever the city is threatened by external forces.


Descended from the regular army troops brought to Endrin Isle by Field Marshal Korvosa, the Korvosan Guard possesses a long and proud history of serving the city and its leaders. Supported and augmented by the church of Abadar, the Guard counts among its officers paladins and priests of the city god. The Guard works closely with both the Order of the Nail and Sable Company, coordinating efforts among all three and relying on the Hellknights to muster Acadamae wizards when necessary in order to protect the city from every imaginable threat.

Field Marshal Cressida Kroft leads the nearly 700 soldiers of the Korvosan Guard, almost all of whom are human of Chelaxian descent. All other civilized races have representatives in the guard, as do Shoanti and Zingaran. Despite an everincreasing integration of non-Chelaxians into its ranks, the Korvosan Guard remains steadfastly tied to its Chelaxian traditions. Only full-blooded Chelaxian humans can become generals or the field marshal, while only those with at least half-Chelaxian blood (including half-elves) can achieve a rank higher than captain.

Order of the Nail: Some 15 miles south of Korvosa stands Citadel Vraid, the black-iron fortress of the Hellknight Order of the Nail. From its grim fastness, this autonomous legion of law-bringers seeks to enforce its own harsh vision of order upon Zingara, meting out law with blade and iron-shod boot. Unconcerned with the petty trivialities of morality, Hellknights are fanatics of law, adhering only to their harsh, Cheliax-born vision of order and their own unyielding vision of honor. To this end—as is common among Hellknight orders—the black-robed signifiers of the nail often call upon the aid of extraplanar embodiments of law, particularly the fierce, cold will of Hell’s legions that best embodies their philosophy. Like most Hellknights, those of the Order of the Nail believe themselves to be above morality, caring only for the establishment of righteous order at all costs.


One of the original seven orders of Hellknights, the Order of the Nail is among the farthest removed from their home in Cheliax, having been coaxed to Zingara in 4682 by Korvosa’s Queen Domina. Strong martial traditions, strength, force, and intimidation are the primary virtues of the order, well represented by their distinctive horned helms and demon-maw breastplates (each member of the Order of the Nail’s armor being unique, but bearing these features). The order is currently commanded by Lictor Severs “Boneclaw” DiVri, with Mistress of Blades Maidrayne Vox presiding over its martial forces and Paravicar Acillmar directing the order’s signifiers.

Members of the Order of the Nail are found in greater numbers in Korvosa than in any other settlement in Zingara. The Korvosan Guard bristles at the occasional unrequested aid of the harsh-minded knights, but it begrudgingly accepts their results and acknowledges their effectiveness. The city’s government has little interaction with the knights except for occasionally employing contingents on a caseby-case military basis, much like common mercenaries, and welcomes their contributions in subjugating the wilds surrounding the city’s holdings. The city’s monarchy, however, holds a decades-old grudge, dating back to the order’s refusal to obey the Korvosan crown upon relocating to the region. This sentiment is shared by the people, who fear, despise, and misunderstand the knights—often referred to as “Domina’s Devils”—but none dare speak openly against them, fearing the carte blanche with which they enforce the laws of Cheliax.

Sable Company: First by tradition, and later by an addendum to the city’s charter, the Sable Company does not answer to the leader of Korvosa, regardless of the leader’s title. Instead, the commandant of the Sable Company reports directly to the Seneschal of Castle Korvosa who, as also decreed by charter amendment, cannot have less than three generations of separation between common ancestors with the city’s leader. With each new leader, the commandant pledges the company’s loyalty—usually within a few days, but in the past this has taken up to a year and, once, it did not happen at all.


Waydon Endrin formed the Sable Company from the remnants of the marines who fought to hold the land now known as Endrin Isle. After Field Marshal Korvosa commissioned him and gave him a command, Endrin worked to integrate his elite and well-trained marines with the dedicated but under-trained regular soldiers. The Sable Company works closely with the Korvosan Guard and relies on its ties with that group to coordinate efforts with the Hellknights and Acadamae (neither of which the Sable Company gets along with).

Commandant Marcus Thalassinus Endrin leads his hippogriff-mounted marines in defense of the skies and waters of Korvosa. Shipboard raids and airborne threats fall under the jurisdiction of the black-clad Sable Company, and its members offer aerial and amphibious support to Korvosan Guard operations. The Sable Company is a little more integrated than the Korvosan Guard, allowing any human member to rise as high as general of the company and any other member to gain the rank of major. To date, all leaders have been pureblood Chelaxians from noble families, but in theory any general can receive the promotion to Commandant.


Military Organizations

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