While Korvosans are not a terribly religious bunch, the city does support a number of temples and shrines. The most popular religions in the city belong to the deities Abadar, Asmodeus, Pharasma, and Sarenrae, although the Sanctuary of Shelyn and the Pantheon of Many provide places of worship for the faithful of nearly every major god in Andurin. Generally, the different religions keep to themselves, working together when and where need dictates. That said, a number of evil deities receive official support in the city, and this makes for a sometimes volatile situation.

As a general rule, Korvosans love their city, attempt at every opportunity to acquire as much wealth as possible, and believe strongly in a strict and lawful society. The church of Abadar frequently (but nonviolently) clashes with that of Asmodeus, as the faiths share many of the same interests but differ both in the execution and intensity of those beliefs—where Abadar promotes law for the sake of maintaining order, for example, Asmodeus sees law as the best way to control the greatest number of people. The church of Abadar assists the church of Pharasma in the latter’s duty of presiding over the Gray District (either indirectly with troop support from the Korvosan guard or directly with clerics of Abadar). When the church of Sarenrae focuses its attentions on healing the sick of the city, it and the church of Abadar get along quite well; when clerics of Sarenrae call for the rehabilitation (rather than punishment) of criminals, the two faiths launch into heated debates. Abadarites and Shelynites rarely interact outside of their combined attempts to beautify the city. Of the rest of the religions represented in the city (mostly within the Pantheon of Many), the church of Abadar tends to work the most with Gozreh (in order to calm the sea and weather in general), Irori (in support of the city’s places of learning), and Torag (both in regards to the creation of public works and the defense of the city).

While the leadership of Korvosa reluctantly accepted the infernal influences of Cheliax (and the Acadamae warmly embraced it), the rest of the city did not. The church of Asmodeus remains what many consider a necessary evil in the city, as its inclusion improves the chance of Cheliax eventually reclaiming Korvosa. Asmodeus’s faithful tend to keep to themselves and work with clerics (or even layfolk) of other deities only when necessary. In addition to its frequent clashes with the church of Abadar, Asmodeus’s religion interacts most frequently with the faithful of Shelyn, as the god of pride demands only the very best and most beautiful works to adorn his temple (which the artisans of the goddess of beauty can most easily provide).

Pharasma’s faithful patrol and (mostly) control the Gray District, and for that the government of Korvosa and many of its wealthiest families generously donate to the goddess’s religion. Because of this guardianship aspect, the church of Pharasma works closely with those of Abadar and Torag in maintaining order within the necropolis. In Pharasma’s role as goddess of birth, those clerics less inclined toward battle frequently become midwives who then work closely with clerics of Erastil (who focus on family), as well as healers of Sarenrae.

Commoners in the city love Sarenrae, for she represents the Korvosan quality of honesty (corruption in the government and military is nearly unheard of in Korvosa), to say nothing of her role as the great healer. The temple of Sarenrae doubles as a hospital and clerics of the goddess frequently find themselves mobbed by those seeking health. Sarenrae’s faithful frequently work with worshipers of Erastil and Gozreh to influence the weather around Korvosa to remain temperate.

Although the church of Shelyn has a small (but beautiful) temple within the city, she and her faith have little influence over Korvosa. The Pantheon of Many in South Shore represents 17 deities, including all of those mentioned above. All of these 17 gods and goddesses therefore have some representation in the city (and rumors whisper that even those not included in the pantheon have followers) and work with or against one another as their faiths dictate.



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